Sunday Gear Spot Light – Stanley Boil and Brew

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So we have all been there before. You are out on the river or trail and the coffee craving kicks in or your belly starts to let you know you need some food. I don’t know about you but in both cases I turn into Betty White from the Snickers commercials.

Health and Ease

Well I am here to help ensure you don’t eat that unhealthy sugar candy bar to feel better or even worse settle for awful campfire coffee. Gone is the need to spit grinds out that floated on you and that atrocious wait time to brew and settle grinds. Who in their right mind wants to bring all that equipment with them to brew in equipment that takes power, makes a mess, or has a 10 minute setup? Not ME for sure.

Enter the Stanley Brew and Boil!

I follow the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) gear mentality. The more uses something has (that it does right) the better on the trail it is. This product is simplified and needs next to nothing to use it. It comes with a 32 ounce (to the fill line not even to the top) stainless steel container that can be cooked in or to brew that perfect cup of joe on the trail. Then Stanley made it so you did not have to suffer with campfire coffee by including a cylinder  that is a french press that fits perfectly into the container that can be removed when cooking food. You simply get your water up to temp on a campfire (around 190 degrees Fahrenheit), add your coffee, wait 5 minutes for it to steep, then insert the cylinder and move it to the bottom of the container slowly. Then all that is left is 32 ounces off perfect coffee that can be easily poured from the spout built into the press cylinder. Add your sweetener (Monk Fruit for me) and cream (heavy whipping cream for me)  to your cup then pour and drink. Leave the coffee in the container to stay warm while you drink your first cup or share with a friend or stranger you met on the trail.


It can also be used for food. Simply leave the french press insert out and boil your water then drop in your food but be careful to ensure you leave enough room for the food you are cooking. I have found Boil in bag, Dehydrated, and even veggies with meat cook very well in the container. I prefer to use bag cooking so that there is less mess to clean up. You can also utilize the container to simply boil water for drinking. Should there be larger particles like leaves or something that is in the water you can insert the french press to keep them out of the water you pour into your water container to ensure a clean transfer of safe to drink water.

Clean Up

Clean up on this product is simple. You carry a small bottle of biodegradable soap, put some water in container, add a few drops soap, and scrub clean. Do the same with the french press sleeve but be gentle with the screen. Then rinse the items and presto ready for their next adventure. Throw any cleaning apparatus and the soap in the Stanley Boil and Brew to ensure it takes up less space in your backpack or kayak.

Pros and Cons

As with all products none are truly perfect. This product is no different however it does come close.

  • Pros
    • Lightweight
    • Multi-use
    • Easy cleanup
    • Stores everything needed to use it including an alcohol burner if needed.
    • Makes great coffee
    • Easy to use
  • Cons
    • Handles get hot if the fire comes up around the side.
    • The Lid is ABS plastic so can’t be on when in a fire.

Fat Guy Rating

4.8 Stars out of 5

4.8 Stars


Purchasing the Stanley Brew and Biol using the links in this article gives me a commission which I use to support the blog, my YouTube channel, and my family. That said I only endorse products I own, have tested, and use so my endorsement means that I found the product useful, reliable, and effective. I just wanted to be transparent with my audience. Thank you for taking the time to read my spotlight review of the Stanley Brew and Boil.


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