Is Keto OKAY for a Type 2?

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I am going to start this post off with a solid…MAYBE. The reason is that because Type 2 is a status and not a body or metabolic type. You can be obese and not be a Type 2 diabetic while being super slim and you could have Type 2 written all over your body while the reverse of all these situations are just as possible ergo a specific diet plan is never going to work as a cover all.

Always consult your physician before making diet changes

That said I want to also go into this with the following being understood by you. I am not an expert, doctor, or guru but an obese person who is a Type 2 and trying to be active to correct my diagnosis while sharing what I have learned, what has worked for me, and have fun with everyone while doing it. Always consult your physician before making diet changes.


Keto a Life Saver?

When I was first diagnosed I read about the Keto diet. I knew right away it was not the plan for me. The reason is that I am not the kind of person who wants to calculate every ounce I consume to determine its macros, calories, carbs, or any other math formulas. That said I believe the Keto style diet is absolutely a good framework for healthy eating because it does accomplish the science of switching your body to burning ketones (AKA the fat on your body) over using Carbs you consume as the primary fuel for energy demands. This switch is essential to loosing your inches if you are overweight which makes the Keto diet GUIDE work for me. Now let us assume a person that weighs 125 pounds and is also Type 2. Is Keto a good framework for them? I don’t know because I do not understand their body chemistry as I have never had that problem. Keto as a framework is good for overweight Type 2 diabetics to lose their weight and by not eating carbs their blood sugar will eventually go down.


Keto Newbs

Where can obese people go wrong on Keto? That is simple: Protein. I have seen so many people hit Keto who are overweight and many Type 2 diabetics that jump on the Keto train and find out about fat bombs. Fat bombs are used by them to help them feel full because we don’t often when first switching over. As I showed earlier when eating Keto style your body will switch over to burning fat as it’s primary fuel source. Now imagine someone trying to lose weight by bringing the fat off their body but instead of taking the fat off your body you burn the fat you are consuming. They now stall in weight loss because they were taking it from eating rather from storage. That plateau can be overcome by more exercise but it can be taxing on their confidence in success. Fat in Keto style eating should be sparse for a person trying to lose weight which makes the fat they do consume need to be of even higher caliper than normal so getting into fats that are high in Omega 3s and low in Omega 6s are best.



Yes, Keto is okay for some Type 2 Diabetics but not all. My choice is Keto style but mixing it up from time to time on allowed carbs, fat types, and fiber intake. In future articles I will be sharing more on gut health, recipes for food and some concoctions to drink to help with insulin resistance and energy, and my exercise strategy. A basic rule I follow is vegetables with fiber, non-lean meats, and nuts and berries. If you are Type 2 and obese this rule will drop your carbs and cause you to start loosing weight while your sugar comes down as well. When the plateau hits you drop the fat cycle or up the exercise cycles. Lastly always remember to hydrate with plenty of water because it will help your liver dissolve the fat the quickest.

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