Missouri Stream Team – Local Water Cleanup Action Group in Action

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The Missouri Stream Team group is amazing. They drive efforts to clean up streams across Missouri by hosting cleanup events and awareness events year round. I have joined but not yet had a schedule that allowed me the time to get out and participate since I joined.

They like 4Ocean are directly taking action in the environment. They have several teams that operate the cleanup events and can use our help.

Their calendar of events are located at: http://www.mostreamteam.org/calendar-of-events.html

Their Primary Website is: http://www.mostreamteam.org/

I will be attending the Feb 15, 2020 Crane Creek Cleanup. See details below. I encourage all my audience to attend and help with the cleanup. See you there 🙂

Event Information:
Annual Crane Creek Cleanup with ST 57
When: Saturday, Feb 15, 2020

Description: Annual Crane Creek litter pick up 9:00 am Meet at Crane City Park along highway 413 in the town of Crane, MO We will organize ourselves into work teams to pick up litter along roadways with drainage to Crane Creek and within the creek bed from the upper (Roundhouse Rd.) to the lower (Grisham Ford Rd.) Wire Road Conservation Accesses. Trash bags, disposable leather gloves and reflective safety vests will be provided. Dress for the weather. "Grabber" tools, water resistant footwear and warmer/drier gloves are items to consider bringing with you. In case of inclement weather, Sat. February 22 is the make-up date. For more information contact Paul at (417)719-2571


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